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"Looking at Chords"  – an easy to understand, common-sense piano course that works! 

Learn to play gospel/country/pop style piano with a NEW exciting combination of DVD and written guide to help you learn chords, scales, rhythm and much, much more! 

“Looking at Chords” is a unique 80-page manual full of solid, practical information.  The book contains work sheets and answers sheets and explains the purpose for most chords.  It is an easy to follow course you have ALWAYS HOPED TO FIND!

An educator from Georgia adds, “The new companion DVD is like having a teacher sitting beside me and giving me personal instruction.  I really believe this is the greatest teaching tool available to anyone.”

Be sure to read the endorsements from Anthony Burger, Ben Speer, Roger Talley, Channing Eleton, Jeff Stice, Derrell Stewart and the Hoppers – all professional gospel musicians!

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